Life is a juggling act. 


With many balls in the air, 

family, friends, work, spiritual life, 

and maybe a minute or two for yourself 

how do you balance it all?  

Striving for perfection, 

we make to do lists,

have calendars in multiple colors 

and sprint from one activity to another. 


Feng Shlop recognizes a need to embrace our clutter. 

A realistic approach 

to balancing life,

love, work, family …. 

and all the clutter that goes along with it. 


Because life is too short to sweat the mess.



Priorities: Your Health. Your Career. 

Your Relationships. Your Home.


Find what’s important. 

Simplify. Be healthy. Be organized. 

But don’t be obsessed. If you’re always 

maximizing and energizing, and amplifying … when are you enjoying? 


While the self-help section of the book stores is overflowing with suggestions for ways you can improve, isn’t possible that you’re okay just the way you are?  We’re not saying you shouldn’t try to make things better … we just think it’s important for you to understand .


You’re okay just the way you are.



We can all relate:


“I can’t find the corners at home

and I can’t keep juggling 40 plus hours of work

with schedules and family demands…”


spoken by: an Accountant in a big City!



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