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    So you don’t have the perfect space for your office and work?? That’s perfectly fine … you can still be creative AND meet those deadlines.   Use a mirror (of course no sharp edges) or gorgeous flowers to correct the space. If your office is extremely irregular, don’t let inexplicable setbacks and continuous frustrations at work keep you down. If you can’t switch offices, (may be the perfect timing to insist on that space you want close to that great aroma/coffee everyone is raving about), you can apply this special nine green plants cure: Add nine healthy new plants to your space all on the same day. The plants should be purchased new for the purpose of this cure. Place the plants near particular irregularities in the room, such as strange angles, posts, cramped areas, and so on. Otherwise, just stick them where they fit best. For full results from this cure, visualize that your job and career are going very well.  Or visualize that your sitting at your desk in a field of poppies!  Good Luck, and make ready for the boat load of cash you will receive with your new bonus sure to come your way as well.

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